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      Corporate Citizenship

      As part of our commitment to the economic well‐being of our communities around the world, we’re committed to supporting education and workforce development for less‐advantaged populations.

      In our last two‐year review, for the eighth consecutive time, federal and state regulators recognized our efforts to build better communities by giving us “outstanding” ratings as part of the US Community Reinvestment Act.

      We manage giving programs in 38 communities around the world. Across the globe, our employees also volunteer on regional committees, identifying needs and partnering with local nonprofits to create meaningful change.

      Our Giving, Investing, Volunteering by Employees (GIVE) platform allows employees to decide how they can impact the communities where we live and operate:

      Give Your Talent

      Employee‐led committees help us execute on our strategy in 38 communities around the world. Opportunities are available to guide State Street Foundation grants, become volunteer ambassadors or join a nonprofit Board of Directors.

      Invest in a Cause

      Our Matching Gifts Program recognizes the charitable contributions made by our employees by monetizing volunteer time (DoMore), matching financial donations (GiveMore) and supporting individual fundraising efforts (CollectMore).

      Volunteer Time

      Employees receive two paid days a year to volunteer their time and service in local communities for causes they’re passionate about. Through our volunteer program, we help community organizations draw on the resources and talents of our employees. We engage in the communities where we work, sponsoring charitable fundraising events, and contributing to small business and affordable housing investment funds. We’re proud that our team contributed more than 123,000 community outreach hours in 2017.

      Employee Engagement

      Corporate Citizenship also supports employee efforts to give their time and talent to nonprofits of their choice.