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      Data and Analytics
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      Investment Analytics

      Enterprise Risk Management

      Take advantage of our complete solution for risk and performance. We provide information across many asset classes with the capability for support at every stage and a full end-to-end experience — from data management, processing and exception handling, through to custom reporting. Analyze performance from various perspectives based on what’s most appropriate: transaction-based, position-based or NAV-to-NAV returns.

      Asset Owners

      • Track errors relative to Index level benchmarks, or constituent level benchmarks (blended or custom)
      • Transparency through hedge fund investments and external managers
      • Liability cash flows for pension plans
      • Macro-economic variables stress testing

      Asset Managers

      • Multi-manager reporting
      • Reallocation tool across managers and strategies
      • Factor modeling for factor risk assessment and factor trends for investment strategy management
      • Strategy tailored stress testing

      Hedge Funds

      • Strategy specific reporting  (Long-Short, Global Macro, Quantitative, etc.)
      • Exposure management and hedge effectiveness
      • Stress testing