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      Investment, Research and Trading
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      Electronic Trading

      Electronic Trading Solutions

      From the front office to the back office, our suite of electronic trading solutions for foreign exchange, cash and derivatives can help you maximize efficiency while reducing your trading costs.

      FX Solutions

      With hyper-competitive foreign exchange markets, you need execution speed, access to liquidity and ways to manage risk. We offer two solutions to help you achieve these goals and streamline your operations:

      • Currenex offers high-performance technology and deep pools of liquidity for trade execution. You receive access to disclosed and undisclosed liquidity together on a single screen. And many significant market liquidity sources are connected to our venue, which means you’re connected to a premium source for FX liquidity in the market.
      • FX Connect? is a multi-counterparty trading system that simplifies and automates your trading process, and can help reduce your operational risk, improve execution practices and enhance efficiency.
      • FX Connect Trade Services? offers an exception-based confirmation platform, with a single dashboard and consolidated view of your post-trade activities, including settlement-enriched SWIFT messaging to external parties. This solution, which is used by more than 65 worldwide banks and liquidity providers, helps you maintain your trading relationships while increasing transparency.

      With seamless integration with your order management and accounting systems, you can manage complex blocks and net across currency pairs. And you’ll choose from several execution styles to transact spot, deliverable forward and swap trades — across multiple accounts, with multiple counterparties.

      Our FX trading platforms give you interactive pricing, efficient workflows, and a reporting and auditing trail — to help you improve performance, lower costs and meet your clients’ needs.

      Liquidity Management

      With credit markets so uncertain, it’s critical that you efficiently manage your short-term liquidity. Fund Connect? helps you meet your investment goals, with convenient access to a wide range of global money market products through a single interface.

      To help you comply with your investment guidelines, Fund Connect offers an intuitive portfolio analytics and pre-trade compliance module. Combined with customizable risk analytics and reporting capabilities, Fund Connect is a comprehensive liquidity management solution for the cash investor. It provides the tools you need to help streamline and consolidate your daily investment and reporting — and the highest level of client service throughout these processes.