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      Investment, Research and Trading
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      FX Solutions

      Macro Strategy Research

      For more than a decade, we’ve pursued a fact-based, academic and financial market-based research agenda to help our clients navigate financial market trends.

      The partnership of our macro strategists with leading academics at State Street Associates has allowed us to bridge the gap between finance theory and market practice. It has also helped us build rigorous indicators on investor behavior, risk and inflation that we can apply to the ever-changing challenges our clients face.

      State Street financial market research includes the following:

      • Investor behavior – a suite of metrics designed to capture investor preferences for risk across geographies, asset classes, sectors and styles
      • Portfolio and risk management – quantitative, analytical and modeling techniques designed to help clients enhance returns, manage risk exposure, optimize performance, manage liquidity and cost, and monitor market turbulence
      • Online inflation – the State Street PriceStats Inflation and Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) series give clients real-time insight into global inflation trends and currency valuation

      Combining these proprietary inputs with our experience of global market trends, we produce a suite of Macro Strategy Research that gives clients deeper insight into their key financial market questions of the day.