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      Investment Research and Trading
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      Awards & Recognition

      Euromoney Ranks Us Top in FX

      We’re excited to be ranked “industry-leading” in several categories by Euromoney magazine on its annual list of global banks providing foreign exchange services.


      Our aim is to enhance and preserve the value of your portfolio. We develop strategies to make that happen. We back our trading and securities lending with our own technology to manage risk, and with flow research that shows how investors are behaving. Because we’re based in 30 markets and operate in more than 100, you’re always connected to what matters, as it happens.

      Liquidity Opportunities

      Emerging Liquidity Providers

      Emerging Liquidity Providers

      New rules require new tools. And new ways of doing business. The changing liquidity landscape is creating opportunities for more liquidity providers to enter the marketplace. So who are the new kids in town?

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      *State Street 2016 Liquidity Survey

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      Industry Perspective

      Preparing for a Post-Brexit World

      The decision heard around the world has left investors with many questions. To help you stay informed, we launched the State Street Brexometer to provide insight into institutional investor’s sentiment towards the UK’s departure from the European Union.


      Working with You

      A Stable, Differentiated Financing Option

      Looking for alternative ways to finance your long and short portfolios? Through our Enhanced Custody solution, you’ll have access to a new channel for financing. And with greater visibility and control over your assets, you’ll also have an opportunity to simplify operations.