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      About Us

      The Center for Applied Research (CAR) conducts targeted research that provides strategic insights into issues shaping the future of the investment industry. Building on the success of State Street Corporation's established Vision thought leadership program, CAR brings together resources within the industry and across State Street to produce timely research on the topics that are most important to investors worldwide.

      CAR is an independent think tank that resides at State Street's corporate level and comprises a global team of researchers located across the Americas, Europe/Middle East/Africa and the Asia-Pacific region. We select our research topics based on input from global investment management industry professionals.

      The 12- to 18-month research studies include both primary research methods — driven by face-to-face interviews and surveys — and secondary research methods. Research is global in scope and includes topics such as:

      • Investor behavioral shifts

      • Asset depth

      • Asset allocation patterns

      • Regulatory implications

      • Fee and alpha analysis

      • Competitive landscape analysis

      We can customize delivery approaches, providing company briefings, conferences and multimedia presentations to meet your c-suite and board of director needs at no cost.

      Watch the videos to learn more about the Center for Applied Research, our findings and research insights.

      Get in Touch

      Email us at CenterforAppliedResearch@statestreet.com.