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      State Street in Poland

      As an established and well-capitalised global leader, State Street can offer the guidance you need to achieve your business objectives — in any market environment.


      Who We Are

      State Street is one of the world's leading providers of financial services to institutional investors. Since our entry into the European market in 1970, we have built a strong presence in the region. Today our employees throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa offer our clients a complete range of financial services across the investment spectrum, including: investment servicing, investment research and trading and investment management.

      Our values define what we stand for and the behaviors we want to encourage in each other. They unite us as an organization and guide every decision we make.

      Global Force, Local Citizen

      We are a global company with a deep commitment to our individual markets, clients and communities.

      Always Finding Better Ways

      We are:

      • committed to continuous improvement
      • delivering values to clients, shareholders and communities
      • developing our people
      • operating efficiently and ethically

      Stronger Together

      We are passionate about building relationships and creating shared goals that help our employees and clients achieve success.

      Trust is Our Greatest Asset

      We act with integrity treating our clients, employees and stakeholders with fairness and respect.